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KB-000062: I have a BlackBerry device with a 4.2.0+ operating system and I cannot project via USB. I get "No ShowMate found". Why is that?

Starting with BlackBerry OS 4.2.0, USB channels created by third party applications have some new restrictions. This affects the ability to transfer presentations from the handheld to the ShowMate via USB. To use your ShowMate with these BlackBerry devices please ensure that you have the latest upgrades for all software and firmware:
  • Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition (v4.0.2) - Download Now
    1. Uninstall your current version of Impatica for PowerPoint using "Add or Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel;
    2. Download the installer file (setupppt.exe) and install the software. Your registration information and preferences will be retained.

  • Impatica ShowMate firmware (v2.4.0) - Download Now
    1. See SECTION 5: USING SHOWMATE UPDATER in the User’s Manual (available for download from:

  • Impatica Presentation Viewer (v2.0.8) - Download Now
    1. The best way to install the viewer is to go directly to on your BlackBerry. Follow the on-screen instructions;
    2. The second method is to go to the above link on a PC and download the zip archive. Unzip the archive and then do the following:
      1. From your PC launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (ensure you are using version 4.2 SP1);
      2. Connect your BlackBerry handheld to your Windows PC via USB;
      3. Within the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double click on the Application Loader icon to run the Application Loader Wizard;
      4. Follow the prompts to the Device Application Selection page;
      5. Click Add and browse to "ImpaticaViewerOnly.alx" file in the location to which you extracted the zip package contents;
      6. Click Open. Then click Next to complete the installation.

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