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KB-000057: I'm having problems loading a presentation and/or the viewer over-the-air from my Web server. What might be going wrong?

The most likely cause of these over-the-air loading problems is not having the MIME types set on your web server. There are two possible scenarios that may arise:
  1. You try to view the auto-generated .wml file and you see the text of the file instead (i.e., you see all the wml code instead of the web page). This means that the wml MIME type is not set correctly on the web server.
  2. You try to click on a link to a .jad file and the BlackBerry says it does not know what to do with the file. This would indicate that the jad MIME type is not set on the web server.
The MIME types to be set can be found on page 22 of the ShowMate 2.2 manual. Here they are for quick reference:
  • text/ .jad
  • text/vnd.wap.wml .wml
  • application/vnd.rim.cod .cod

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