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KB-000056: When transferring an impaticized presentation to the BlackBerry using the Impatica Presentation Viewer I get the error "Your IT Policy restricts third party applications from accessing the serial port". Why is that happening?

This error is likely the result of your BlackBerry Enterprise Server's IT Policy restrictions. The functionality incorporated into the BlackBerry Transfer tab of Impatica for PowerPoint is one of five methods available for transferring impaticized presentations to your BlackBerry. This option is provided as a convenience to users but is not the only possible method.


If you would like to use the BlackBerry Transfer method, please contact your BES Administrator to have the following IT Policy settings adjusted as follows (their default values):

Security Policy Group:

  • "Allow Third Party Apps to Use Persistent Store" set to TRUE
  • "Allow Third Party Apps to Use Serial Port" set to TRUE
  • "Disallow Third Party Application Downloads" set to FALSE

Bluetooth Policy Group (Apply these changes only if Bluetooth wireless connection is desired between the ShowMate and the BlackBerry):

  • "Disable Serial Port Profile" set to FALSE
  • "Disable Pairing" set to FALSE
  • "Disable Bluetooth" set to FALSE


By its design, many of the BlackBerry's capabilities may be disabled by BES administrators by changing default settings. However, this must come with the realization of the impact of denying users legitimate use of quality third-party solutions. For example, if a BES administrator opts to disable Bluetooth entirely on the BlackBerry handhelds, it is not reasonable to expect that any Bluetooth accessory can be made to work with those handhelds. Note: Impatica is not requiring modification of any setting to something other than its default value.

If you are not able to adjust the IT Policies, four alternatives (described in KB-000262) are available to you for loading impaticized content onto your BlackBerry handheld.

In addition to the IT Policy related error, if you are getting an "Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.Controlled Access Exception" error, you can resolve the problem by navigating on your BlackBerry to Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Impatica Presentation Viewer > Edit Permissions.

If "Connections" is set to "Deny" or "Custom", reset it manually to "Allow".

You will need to exit this menu and restart your BlackBerry for these changes to take effect.


Please e-mail if you require further assistance.

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