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KB-000005: What is the minimum device spec that will work with the ShowMate? Do I have to have a newer model BlackBerry to use the ShowMate?

You do not need a higher performance device (8700/8100/9000/9500) to project via a ShowMate. The only impact of using the slower devices is that the transfer rate (USB or Bluetooth) is slower when transferring to the ShowMate. Once the presentation is transferred, there is no noticeable difference when navigating the presentation on the ShowMate. The BlackBerry acts like a remote control to the ShowMate so the amount of communication between the ShowMate and the BlackBerry is minimal.

Also, the slower devices will not be ideal for playing back presentations locally but they will still work.

Regarding screen projection capabilities, you do need a device with device software v4.2.2+. Please see this Getting Started Guide for details:

This page will point you to all of the appropriate downloads and outline the steps required to install them.

You can also check our compatibility page for further details:

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