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KB-000483: How do I preview a previously converted presentation with Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5?

To properly play converted presentations, a web server is required. Since Impatica for PowerPoint includes a simple web server for previewing presentations, it can be used to play presentations that were previously converted by Impatica for PowerPoint version 5.

To preview a presentation that was previously converted:

  1. Ensure Impatica for PowerPoint is running.

  2. Either:

    • Click and drag the output folder for the converted presentation or the index.html file within the output folder onto the Impatica for PowerPoint file list;


    • Click the Drag and drop PowerPoint files, or click to add area. In the dialog box that appears select the index.html within the presentation output folder.

  3. Click on the preview button for the previously converted presentation.

Note: Double-clicking the index.html file in your converted presentation folder will not work properly preview the presentation since this method does not use a web server to play the presentation. To correctly preview a presentation, use the method described above.

For more information on Previewing your presentation, including on other devices, refer to the Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5 User Manual:

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