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KB-000482: Once I upload my presentation, the audio or video does not play in certain browsers.

The server must be configured to respond with the correct MIME types for audio and video to work in all web browsers as expected.

The proper settings are given on page 20 of the User Manual under "MIME Types":

The preferred way to proceed is to have the administrator of the web server add the proper MIME types directly as follows:

audio/ogg    oga
video/ogg    ogv
audio/mp4    m4a
video/mp4    m4v

Alternatively, the user of the web server can often provide their own settings by uploading a text file called .htaccess to the parent directory of the presentation with the following content:

AddType audio/ogg oga
AddType video/ogg ogv
AddType audio/mp4 m4a
AddType video/mp4 m4v

Once the MIME types are set up and served as required on the server, the video and audio should play using all web browsers as expected.

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