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KB-000480: Does Impatica offer a Web location to host files for their customers?

No, Impatica does not provide Web space for online storage of impaticized presentations or projects. Given this fact, we have found this option that we suggest for our customers to try.

DropBox is a free online storage location that, when used correctly, allows the user to provide their audience with links to impaticized files. These files can be streamed to the user via the use of a public link. Every Dropbox user is provided 2 GB of online storage space free of charge. This should be ample space to store files for evaluating Impatica software and for use after purchase.

This is the Dropbox website: Sign up for a free account and you will be provided the 2 GB of space. If you then place the impaticized files in the "Public" folder, you will be able to provide the link to the HTML file and it will call on the other Impatica files in the same folder. When the files are in the "Public" Dropbox folder, the user can right-click the local copy of the HTML file and then select the "Dropbox" menu followed by the  > "Copy public link" menu item. With the public link to the HTML file now in the clipboard, they can paste it into a location where it can be clicked by the intended audience (an email or web page).

The link to the Impaticized HTML file indicated in the image above is:

The document: "How to use the Public folder.rtf", provided by Dropbox, has also been attached to this article (see the attachments section below). This document outlines how to use the Public folder that comes with all Dropbox accounts.

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