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KB-000479: Impatica viaDock will not launch (or repeatedly requests registration information to be inserted) in my Windows environment


With the release of Impatica viaDock v1.1.7, an issue has occurred where the software will not launch after the license information is first entered into the software during the installation process. If somehow the software manages to become registered, it will not launch at all in subsequent attempts.


We have only had this issue reported in Windows 7 environments.




The solution to this problem is to install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (DTM) software on your Windows computer. You can download the DTM from here:


Or you can simply do an Internet search for “BlackBerry Desktop Manager download Windows


If this solution does not work for you, please send the following information to

Windows Users:

BlackBerry Device Software Version (found under Options -> About):
Windows OS version and Service Pack:
BlackBerry Model (found under Options -> About): 
BlackBerry Theme: What BlackBerry theme are you using (found under Options -> Theme)?
Impatica Connector Version (found under Options -> Advanced Option -> Applications) e.g. 1.0.19):
Impatica viaDock version (found under Help -> About Impatica viaDock):
Connection Method (USB or Bluetooth):

Version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager
(If connection method is USB) (found in Help menu -> About):


In addition, could you clear your BlackBerry Event Log, connect to Impatica viaDock and repeat the steps to cause the problem and then send me the log contents?


The instructions for the above are here:

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