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KB-000472: The "Course Copy" functionality of Blackboard 9.1, SP4 does not work correctly for Impatica files.



The "Course Copy" component of Blackboard 9.1, SP4 does not automatically copy over all of the files in the file system for the course; It now only copies over files that are explicitly linked within the course. Simply having them in the file system is no longer adequate to ensure that they are properly ported over to the new version.


This situation affects Impatica for PowerPoint and Blackboard users in that it breaks the links to the supporting Impatica files within the Impatica applets in the HTML files. The breakage is due to the fact that, because only the HTML file is linked to the course, the HTML file is the only file that is ported over during the "Course Copy" process. The "ImPlayer402.jar" and the "PresentationName-imp.jar" files are not copied over which causes the course to break.


A common Impatica for PowerPoint and Blackboard client has logged a ticket with Blackboard Support but has been told that they do not expect this issue to be fixed until SP8 is released. Blackboard expects to release a SP per quarter. It is currently January 2011.


The Work Around:


The work around for this issue is to manually copy all of the *-imp.jar files (one for each presentation) and the Impatica Player file(s): (ImPlayer402.jar and/or ImPlayerWithVideo402.jar (required if any of the presentations have video in them)) from the old file system to the new file system.  It is most efficient to sort the files on the old system by “type” so that all of the –imp.jar and player jar files will be displayed together.


In addition, re-create at least one of the links to the file in order for the students to view them.  If you don't do that, Blackboard doesn't properly assign the "right" permissions for the students to see the files; despite the fact that the instructor can.  

With that change done, the files will play correctly.


NOTE: Do not copy, and overwrite, the HTML files as well or the work around fix does not work. Only copy the player jar files and the presentation –imp.jar files.

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