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KB-000464: When I launch Impatica Connector I get a white screen and then it crashes. Has this been seen before?

Yes, this situation has been seen infrequently with BlackBerry 9700 devices; but this does not mean that it cannot occur on other devices too. On these devices there was a Bluetooth connection named “Unknown Device”. For an unknown reason, the presence of this entry in the Bluetooth Options area causes the Impatica Connector software to not launch correctly (a white screen is displayed and then the software crashes) and therefore neither a Bluetooth nor USB connection can be established between the BlackBerry (Impatica Connector) and Impatica viaDock and/or Impatica ShowMate.

To remove this setting from your BlackBerry, do the following:

i.                    Navigate to "Manage Connections";

ii.                  "Bluetooth Options";

iii.                Find "unknown device" in the list of paired devices;

iv.                Launch the menu;

v.                  Select "Delete Device";

vi.                Allow the connection to be deleted when asked to confirm the delete action;

vii.              Try to connect to the Impatica product again.

If you have additional questions, please contact Impatica Support at

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