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KB-000457: How do I deliver Impatica for PowerPoint content on a CD or DVD using a Java-enabled CD or DVD?

These instructions explain how to deliver your impaticized PowerPoint presentation via a Java-enabled CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. This would ensure that the end user has the files required to playback the content regardless of the computer environment they are working in.

You would convert your PowerPoint file(s) into the Impatica format, using Impatica for PowerPoint, and then deliver it (them) on a CD (or DVD) that has the required Java components saved to it as well. This article starts when the conversion of the PowerPoint is complete.

Please see these articles if you need instructions for creating the autorun CD:

Impatica for PowerPoint - KB Article 343
OnCue - KB Article 244



1- Download the sample files from here:


2- Unzip the file and save the contents to your computer. You will see this folder structure after the zip extraction is complete:


3- Place the contents of the zip package at the root of the CD or DVD.


4- Replace your impaticized file with the “sample-imp.jar” file in the sample folder:

If you are interested in shipping many presentations on the same CD, then I would create a table of contents PowerPoint presentation that has links to all of the other presentations on the CD. This will make the process smoother for both the end user and the author. Instructions for this are located in Impatica KB 247:


4- You will then need to change the name of the sample folder to whatever you want. Then edit both the autorun.inf and “Launch Presention.bat” files with both the new folder name you’ve chosen and the name of the –imp.jar file.

You will have to change this line in both files:
OPEN=bin\javaw.exe -jar sample\sample-imp.jar

Change the “sample\sample-imp.jar” section to read:

NOTE: Ensure that you edit these files in Notepad. When you save them, ensure that the file type box is set for All Files so that the .inf and .bat file extensions are retained and not changed to .txt.:


With the above changes the files will launch your presentation using the Java included in the bin and lib folders.


Contact Impatica Customer Support if you have any questions.


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