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KB-000453: Unable to install ImpConnector through BlackBerry Desktop Manager. "No additional applications designed for your device were found"

When trying to install ImpConnector v1.0.26 through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, an error was thrown  "No additional applications designed for your device were found." .  The Desktop Manager would not allow me to install the new ImpConnector v1.0.26, when loading the .alx file through the application loader.  My environment information is listed below:

Windows version and Service Pack: [Windows Vista Ultimate]

Version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager (found in Help menu -> About):[Version [Apr 25 2008]]

BlackBerry Model (found under Options -> About): [Tour 9630]

BlackBerry Device Software Version (found under Options -> About):[v4.7.1.40]

Impatica Connector Version (found under Options -> Advanced Option -> Applications) e.g. 1.0.19): [1.0.26]

Theme: What BlackBerry theme are you using (Options -> Theme)? Precision Zen

This issue was resolved by updating the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to the most recent version. 

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