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KB-000452: How do I add special characters using the BlackBerry virtual keyboard through viaDock?

To add special characters select the SYM key on the onscreen keyboard in viaDock.

 The SYM or Symbol key functions the same way on the BlackBerry Device. You will see a symbol dialog box pop up. From there, you can select the character you would like to enter.

Once you've entered the special characters, click the SYM key again and you will be able to revert to normal characters.

If you do not see the onscreen keyboard in your copy of viaDock, it is most likely hidden. To show it, select the 'View' menu followed by the 'Keyboard' menu item. This will display the onscreen keyboard below the BlackBerry screen display window within the viaDock GUI.

Should you continue to have problems with this task, please contact Impatica Customer Support –

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