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KB-000451: How do I edit HTML on a Mac?

The Mac operation system (OS) includes an application named “TextEdit” that can be used to edit HTML files.


Follow these steps:


1.      Launch the TextEdit application (you can find it using the Spotlight feature of the Mac OS)

2.      From within the ‘TextEdit’ menu, select the ‘Preferences’ menu item

3.      From within the resulting dialog box, select to the 'Open and Save' tab

4.      From here check the 'Ignore rich text commands in HTML files' option

5.      Close the ‘Preferences’ dialog box

6.      Reload your document (or launch the Impatica HTML file you wish to edit if it was not previously loaded) and you will now be able to edit the HTML code.


If you need this information in order to make the size of your impaticized presentation static instead of having it fill the available space in the browser, the instructions for that are in KB document 273 found here:

Should you continue to have problems with this task, please contact Impatica Customer Support through one of the methods outlined on this page:

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