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KB-000448: My slide titles do not appear correctly in my OnCue script file. Is there a fix other than editing the text file by hand?


When I convert my PowerPoint file with Impatica for PowerPoint version 3.3.3, and select to produce an OnCue script file with paragraph cue points (the setting found on the “Extra Output Files” tab of Impatica for PowerPoint) the resulting script file misses several of my slide titles. The titles show up as “Slide 1” or “Slide 2” etc. What is causing this?


There are few reasons this might happen:


1-      The slide layout that you are using in PowerPoint does not include a Title Placeholder.

a.      A Title Placeholder is a specific type of PowerPoint object that is included on many slide layouts. It is the space provided by PowerPoint for the PowerPoint author to type the title for each slide. The slide layout setting for the specific slide can be seen by selecting :
Format menu -> Slide Layout


In PowerPoint 2007 this is Home -> Layout. The remaining instructions are the same.

b.      Selecting the Slide Layout menu item reveals the Slide Layout Panel:

The layout for the selected slide is outlined in blue in the above screen capture. The element of the slide layout image that indicates a Title Placeholder has been highlighted in yellow (only for the first three layouts) in the above screen capture.

c.      If there is no Title Placeholder indicated in the Slide Layout, then this is the issue. You will need to select one that has a Title Placeholder.

                                                               i.      WORK AROUND:
Select a Slide Layout that has just a Title Placeholder:

Type the title you want to appear in your OnCue script in the placeholder

Drag the Title Placeholder object off of the slide real estate:

With that change, the title will appear in the OnCue script but it will not be visible on the slide itself.


2-      If you do have Title Placeholders in place and the slide titles are still incorrect in your OnCue script file then you may be encountering the second possible cause.

It appears that something about the way that Office 2007 is writing the Titles when saving files in a PPT format is not properly understood by v3.3.3 of Impatica for PowerPoint (Imp4PPT) or the presencence of a Title Placeholder is being incorrectly coded by Office 2007 during the Save As... function. Regardless of the reason, if you use the "PPTX" version of the file instead and convert the file with v4.0.2 of Impatica for PowerPoint, then the slide titles  will be correct in the resulting script file. You still need to convert the "PPT" version of the file using v3.3.3 in order to get the -imp.jar "Presentation Impatica File" asset for your OnCue project, but you will also need to convert the PPTX with v4.0.2 in order to get a correct OnCue script file asset.

Steps when starting with a PPTX file asset:


1-      Take the PPTX file and add it to the current v4.0.2 (or newer) Imp4PPT v4.0.2 software. If you do not have a license for this version of the software, you can use an evaluation version for this step as the PowerPoint Presentation File is not used. The OnCue script file is used and that is not bannered with an evaluation banner. You can get evaluation registration information and a license by completing this form:


2-      Select to produce an OnCue script file and include paragraph cue points on the "Extra Output Files" tab of the Imp4PPT v4.0.2 software


3-      Impaticize


4-      Use the resulting txt OnCue script file as the script file asset for your OnCue project. The titles will be correct.


5-      Now, take the same PPTX file and save it as a PPT file using the Save As... functionality of PowerPoint 2007.


6-      Take the resulting PPT file and add it to Imp4PPT v3.3.3


7-      Select to produce a -imp.jar file. Do not select to produce a script file as you already have one. NOTE: Be sure to deselect this option on the "Extra Output Files" tab otherwise you will overwrite the v4 version of the script file that you already created in the same folder.


8-      Impaticize


9-      Use the -imp.jar file as your Presentation Impatica File asset for your OnCue project.

3-      The only other cause for this behavior that has been seen is that the PowerPoint file (that has never been opened in Office 2007) has become corrupted somehow. In this case, the only solution is to add a new slide to the file (one that contains a Title Placeholder) and recreate the contents of the problematic slide. Following that, delete the old slide and test again to see if the correct result is achieved.



If none of the above solutions resolves your issue, please contact Impatica Customer Support at:

Phone: (800) 548-3475
+1 613 736-9982
Fax: (613) 736-9084


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