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KB-000447: I am unable to connect to Impatica viaDock via Bluetooth. What is the issue?

 If you are running BlackBerry device software v5.0+ please ensure that you are running the latest build of the Impatica Connector software (v1.0.34 at the time of writing). Starting with device software 5.0, RIM has changed the way that Bluetooth devices are called by third-party applications. Impatica Connector (starting with build v1.0.32) now uses this new methodology.

If you are running BlackBerry device software lower than 5.0, then the issue may be that you do not have the required permissions setting set or that the Bluetooth pairing to the computer where viaDock is installed was made without running the viaDock software while the Bluetooth connection was first established.


Please check each of the following fixes:



1-      VERY IMPORTANT - Run the Impatica viaDock software before trying to pair with your computer again Check that you have Bluetooth enabled on your BlackBerry

2-       If you already have a Bluetooth pairing between your computer and your BlackBerry, remove that pairing from both the Bluetooth setting area of the BlackBerry and the computer.

3-      Ensure that you have all of the application permissions and IT Polices (if you are associated with a BES) set as outlined in Step 2 on this page:


4-      Make a Bluetooth pairing between your Blackberry and your computer

5-      Check the "Device Properties" for the paired Bluetooth item, it should show "ShowMate" or "Serial Port" in Services

a.       Steps:

                                                              i.      Options

                                                            ii.      Bluetooth: scroll down in the Bluetooth area so that the name of your computer is highlighted

                                                          iii.      Click the menu button or trackball

                                                          iv.      Select “Device Properties” from the menu

                                                            v.      At the bottom of the Device Properties page ensure that the word “ShowMate” is listed as one of the “Services”.

b.      If everything looks correct, try the Bluetooth connection between viaDock and Impatica Connector again.

c.       If “ShowMate” or "Serial Port" is not a listed service then you will need to repeat the steps. Chances are that Step 4 was not followed.

6-      A new item that has caused connection problems has been found on some BlackBerry 9700 devices. On these devices there was a Bluetooth connection named “Unknown Device”. For an unknown reason, the presence of this entry in the Bluetooth Options area causes the Impatica Connector software to not launch correctly (a white screen is displayed and then the software crashes) and therefore a Bluetooth connection cannot be established between the BlackBerry (Impatica Connector) and Impatica viaDock and/or Impatica ShowMate.

To remove this setting from your BlackBerry, do the following:

i.                    Navigate to "Manage Connections";

ii.                  "Bluetooth Options";

iii.                Find "unknown device" in the list of paired devices;

iv.                Launch the menu;

v.                  Select "Delete Device";

vi.                Allow the connection to be deleted when asked to confirm the delete action;

vii.              Try to connect to the Impatica product again.

7-      NOTE:  If everything above looks correct, please try pulling and then replacing the battery in the BlackBerry device. This will reset the Bluetooth port. Once the device restarts, please try again.

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