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KB-000445: Can I use named anchors "#" (also called bookmarks), in my hyperlinks with Impatica for PowerPoint?

The use of named anchor (also referred to as bookmarks) hyperlinks is currently not working in Impatica for PowerPoint. An example of this would be to hyperlink to a specific part of a web page that has previously had a named anchor established.

A sample hyperlink is:


The above link would send the user to a page named webpage4.html and then to the specific part of that page previously named “namedanchor”. This section of the web page could be of the way down the page so a named anchor was used to bring the user to the specific section of interest in the large page.


We have logged bug 531 for this issue. If you are experiencing this problem, please send an email to asking to be notified when bug 531 has been repaired.


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