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KB-000444: What are the Application Permissions and IT Policies required to use Impatica Connector with Impatica viaDock?

Once you have installed the application, you must ensure that the necessary application settings and IT policies are set:

IT Policies: 
For Bluetooth communication (under the Bluetooth policy section of the BES IT Policy dialog box):
  • Disable Serial Port Profile—Set to FALSE
  • Disable Bluetooth—Set to FALSE
  • Disable Pairing—Set to FALSE
For USB communication:
  • Allow third party applications to use serial port—Set to TRUE
For over-the-air installation:
  • Allow third party application downloads—Set to TRUE
  • Allow third party applications to use persistent store - set to True. This allows the software to store the Property Table file on the BlackBerry;

    Note: If your BlackBerry is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server ("BES") or ever has been associated with a BES, you may not be able to change the application permissions. In that case, an application control policy would need to be set on your BES and the Impatica Connector application would have to be pushed to the device with these settings set to Allow.

Application Permissions:
In order to use the Impatica viaDock, you must ensure that your application settings are properly configured by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Options > Security Options > Application Permissions
  2. Select Impatica Connector from the list
  3. Select Edit Permissions, then either:

    (a) set all items under Connections and Interactions to Allow; OR

    (b) set the following specific permissions to Allow:
    • Under Connections:
      • USB (only if USB connection is required)
      • Bluetooth (only if Bluetooth connection is required)
      • Phone
    • Under Interactions:
      • Interprocess Communication or Cross Application Communication (4.6+)
      • Keystroke Injection or Input Stimulation (4.6+)
      • Screen Capturing or Recording (4.6+)
      • Security Timer Reset (for password protected devices only)

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