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KB-000443: Can Impatica viaDock (Impatica Connector) be used without the Keystroke Injection (Input Simulation v4.6+) permission enabled? We are not allowed to enable that permission through our IT Policy.

Yes, you can use both Impatica viaDock and Impatica Connector without this application permission set to True. You will be prompted the first time you connect to the Impatica viaDock software with the following prompt:

In order for Impatica Connector to be able to use your keyboard, the following permissions must be set to Allow:
Keystroke Injection (Input Simulation (4.6+) and Security Timer Reset.

Would you like to:

Adjust Permissions


Exit Program


If you choose to Continue, the screen is projected in the Impatica viaDock software but you cannot type in any of the BlackBerry applications using the exterior keyboard.

In addition,  as long as your Persistent Store IT Policy is set to Allow, your preferences for permissions are stored on the device in a Property Table file. This preferences file is then referred to each time you connect to viaDock so that repeated prompting of the above question is not required. Under that scenario, we only warn/ask again if the Application Permissions are changed.

If your Persistent Store IT Policy is set to Deny, your preferences for permissions are not able to be stored on the device in a Property Table file. Under this scenario, you will be prompted with the above question every time you connect to viaDock.

This image indicates which application permissions and IT Policies are required and which are not for various functionality to work:

In addition, this image is a flowchart that outlines in what order those permissions are checked. NOTE: IPC in this image is an acronym for the Interprocess Communication permission.

All of the Application Permissions and IT Policies required for complete operation of Impatica Connector with Impatica viaDock are outlined here: 

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