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KB-000439: We have found that the BlackBerry battery gets drained quickly once we disconnect from viaDock. Are you aware of this issue, and is there any way of stopping the software from running?

The running status of the Impatica Connector software would depend on how you disconnect the BlackBerry from the computer running Impatica viaDock. If you simply disconnect the USB cable and walk away (or walk out of Bluetooth range), then the application, Impatica Connector, will continue to run in the background on the BlackBerry. This is by design so that you can then simply reconnect your BlackBerry to the USB cable (or walk into Bluetooth range of your computer) and the BlackBerry would automatically be displayed in the Impatica viaDock software (for USB) or offer the option to reconnect for Bluetooth.


If you do not want the Impatica Connector to continue running in the background, then you must stop the application before disconnecting the BlackBerry from the USB cable (or walking out of Bluetooth range). To do this, simply select the Impatica Connector icon on the BlackBerry and select OK within the “Stop Screen Projection” dialog box presented on the BlackBerry. This will stop the Impatica Connector application from running in background memory.


We have heard that on the BlackBerry Bold the Wi-Fi connection can cause the battery to drain quickly. We have also been told that running at 3G instead of EDGE causes the battery on the BlackBerry Bold (9000) to drain more quickly.

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