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KB-000436: How do I check the device software version on my BlackBerry?

You can find your software version by accessing the “About” screen in the “Options” area of your BlackBerry smartphone.


From the BlackBerry home screen select the “Options” icon. This is often a wrench icon but can also be a different icon as the icon is determined by the theme you have selected:




Once you are in the “Options” area, select the “About” item:




The “About” screen will then be presented. This will inform you of the model number, device software version and platform number for your device:



NOTE: If you are reporting an issue to Impatica Customer Support please provide all of this information. If you are looking for the device software version to determine the version of an application to install, the platform number is not relevant.


If you need additional support beyond that available in this Knowledgebase, please contact Impatica Customer Support at or 800-518-3475 x:238 (In North America) or 613-736-9982 x:238 (outside North America).

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