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KB-000435: How do I check my IT Policy name on my BlackBerry device?

You can check the name of your BlackBerry IT Policy by:

1- Click the Options icon on your BlackBerry home screen
2- Select Security Options
3- Select General Settings
4- Scroll to down the page until you see the IT Policy Name setting
5- Note the name

If the name is other than Default then the default IT Policy settings have been changed on the BES associated with your BlackBerry device.

It is still possible that changes were made to the Default setting by the BES Administrator so if you are having problems with the Impatica software then check that the required IT Policies for the Impatica product you are using have been set correctly and received by your device. In this same General Settings area you can see the date when the IT Policy was last received by your device.

The required IT Policy settings for all Impatica BlackBerry applications are available by searching for them in this Knowledgebase, by looking on the download web page for the product or by looking in User's Manual for the product in question.

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