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KB-000433: I recently upgraded my Java and now when I play my Impatica for PowerPoint files I can hear the sound but all is see is a white screen, how do I fix this issue?

There appears to be a Java backward compatibility issue with Java 6 Update 11 or higher. A workaround that has worked for some clients is as follows:


1.      Go to the Windows Control Panel and select Java.

2.      Next, click on the “Advanced” tab

3.      Expand the “Java Pug-in” section

4.      Uncheck the “Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in" checkbox

5.      Click “Apply

6.      Click “OK

7.      Close your browser if it is still open

8.      Open your browser. It is necessary to restart the web browser for it to take effect. 

9.      Access the Impatica file again




Should this not work for you, try the following:

Still in the “Java Control Panel” (found within the Windows Control Panel):

1.      Click on the “Java” tab

2.      Within the “Java Applet Runtime Settings” frame, click on the “View…” button

3.      This will launch the “Java Runtime Settings” dialog box. Here you will see all of the Java versions available on your system. Select the checkbox in the “Enabled” column for a version of Java other than 1.6.0_11 or 1.6.0_10. You can have more than one version enabled but do not use 1.6.0_11 or 1.6.0_10.

4.      With that change made, click the “OK” button on the “Java Runtime Settings” dialog box followed by the “Apply” button and finally the “OK” button on the “Java Control Panel”.

5.      Close any open browser sessions

6.      Launch the browser again and try to view the presentation.


If the problem persists, then clear the Java Cache by following the instructions found here:

Please report to if this fixes your issue or if you continue to have viewing problems.

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