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KB-000431: I just upgraded my Java to Java Version 6 Update 11 and now my Impatica applets will not play back properly. What can I do?

This issue has been repaired by clearing the Java cache in the Java Control Panel.

Can you try the following:


1-      Close all of the open browser windows.

2-      Go to the Windows Control Panel.

3-      Double-click the Java option there. This will open the Java Control Panel.

4-      On the “General” tab of the Java Control Panel, select “Settings…” button within the “Temporary Internet Files” frame at the bottom of the tab.

5-      This will launch the Temporary Files Setting dialog box.

6-      Click on the “Delete Files…” button to clear the Java temporary internet files (cache).

7-      This will launch the Delete Temporary Files dialog box

8-      Ensure all of the available checkboxes are selected and then click the “OK” button to delete the files and close this dialog box.

9-      Then click the “OK” button on the Temporary Files Setting dialog box to close this dialog box.

10-   Then click the “OK” button on the Java Control Panel to close this control panel.

11-   Try viewing the applet again.



If the above does not resolve the issue, please review the contents of these articles:

Should you have a situation or any questions that are not answered by this article, please contact Impatica Customer Support at: or 613-736-9982 x:238 (Outside North America) or 800-548-3475 x:238 (within North America)

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