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KB-000430: Does Impatica for PowerPoint support PowerPoint 2008?

Impatica for PowerPoint was released on October 23, 2007. PowerPoint 2008 was released in January of 2008. Given these release dates, and the fact that a public beta release was not offered by Microsoft+, support for new features introduced in PowerPoint

2008 is not possible.


Our intent is to include support for PowerPoint 2008 files (and more complete support of the PowerPoint 2007 file format (also a *.pptx file type)) in a future release of Impatica for PowerPoint.


Although PowerPoint 2008 files are not officially supported, we will assist you in finding work around solutions for PowerPoint 2008 files that do not convert properly in the native PowerPoint 2008 file format (*.pptx).


When creating PowerPoint files that you want to ultimately convert to Impatica format, we suggest you use “Save As…” and then select “PowerPoint 97-2004 (*.ppt)” as the file type. This will most likely produce a better Impatica conversion result.


If you require assistance with the conversion of your file, please contact Impatica Customer Support at or by phone at 800-548-3475 x: 238 or outside of North America: +1-613-736-9982 x: 238.


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