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KB-000424: I understand that you convert the PowerPoint files in a proprietary format, but still, if I deploy that file on my web server with the HTML file and player, somebody can copy it and deploy it in their web server. How does Impatica manages this problem?

When a PowerPoint file (e.g. Test.ppt) is converted with Impatica for PowerPoint Full Edition the following files are created (still using Test.ppt as the example file):

1- Test.html
2- Test-imp.jar
3- ImPlayerVersion#.jar

If the Test.ppt file contained video files, the converted files would be:

1- Test.html
2- Test-imp.jar
3- ImPlayerVersion#-video.jar
4- A .imv file for each video in the presentation. This file will be named VideoName-Dimensions.imv

Clearly, presentations containing video make it more difficult to steal the entire content. 

If someone were to know the name of the impaticized files, they could conceivably copy them from your server and host them on their own server.

They could not edit the stolen files in any way but they could host them on their site.

Given this fact, the onus is on the content author to ensure that the PowerPoint content is properly marked as their own.

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