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KB-000417: When I try to install the Impatica Screen Projector (Impatica Connector) application OTA using the BlackBerry Browser, it does not work. What could be the cause?

A possible cause of problems installing Impatica applications OTA (over-the-air) is that the browser’s “Emulation Mode” setting is set to a value other than “BlackBerry”. This setting allows the browser to be seen by websites as something other than a BlackBerry. In other words, the BlackBerry can emulate another type of device. The various options available include:


  • BlackBerry
  • Openwave (WAP)
  • Openwave Gateway
  • Microsoft IE
  • MS Pocket IE
  • Netscape


Our website uses this setting to determine what file to provide you when the application link is selected. If your BlackBerry Browser "Emulation Mode" setting is not "BlackBerry", then our website cannot determine the device software currently installed on your device. This can cause problems like the one you are experiencing.

To verify this setting on your BlackBerry do the following:

    1. Launch the BlackBerry Browser (not the WAP Browser)
    2. Reveal the menu and select “Options
    3. Within the “Browser Options” settings select “Browser Configuration
    4. Scroll down the “Browser Configuration” page to the “Emulation Mode” setting
    5. If the setting is not “BlackBerry” then click the setting and select “Change Option” from the menu.
    6. Change the setting to “BlackBerry” and save the change.
    7. Now you can go to and you should be able to properly install, OTA, all the applications designed for your device.


If making this change does not allow you to install our applications OTA, then please contact Customer Support ( and we can send you a direct link to the file that will allow you to install the current release of the application.

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