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KB-000401: I cannot establish a connection between the BlackBerry (Impatica Connector) and the Impatica viaDock, what am I doing wrong?

Check the following items to troubleshoot connection problems between the Impatica viaDock (installed on a computer) and the Impatica Connector (installed on a BlackBerry) applications:

o   For USB connections, ensure that you have installed the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and that it is not running when you are attempting to connect to the viaDock software.

·         Check that your PC and BlackBerry meet the minimum system requirements:

·         Usually a system reboot is not required, but if you have not rebooted both the BlackBerry and the PC since installing the Impatica software, do so now. 

If none of the above has resolved your connection problem, please contact Impatica Customer Support for further assistance:


Phone: (800) 548-3475 ext: 238 (North America) or +1 613 736-9982 ext: 238 (International)


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