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KB-000397: How do you upload Impatica content to Desire2Learn (D2L)?

Desire2Learn Upload Instruction

The following instructions outline the process for incorporating Impatica for PowerPoint content into a Desire2Learn course. The content is also in the attached PDF document available in the "Attachments" section at the bottom of this page.

1. Impaticize your PowerPoint presentation using Impatica for PowerPoint.

2. In the “Generated Support Files” setting area (available the “Extra Output Files” tab), select the “Zip package” checkbox in order to produce a zip file that contains all of the Impatica files required for playback within Desire2Learn.

3. Log in to your Desire2Learn account.

4. Select the course that you wish to incorporate the content within.

5. Click on the “Edit Course” hyperlink at the top of the screen.

6. Click on the “Files” button.

7. Click on the “Upload” button.

8. Click the “Browse” button and select the Impatica zip file for upload.

9. Click on the “Upload” button.

10. Locate the “Zip” file in the file list and click on the “unzip” icon on that line. This will unzip the contents of the zip file to the currently selected folder.

11. Click on the “Content” button at the top left of the page.

12. Click the “Add Topic” icon to the right of the appropriate module.

13. Click on the “Quick Link” hyperlink.

14. In the resulting dialog box, give the “Quick Link” a “Title”.

15. Click on the “Insert Quick Link” icon (looks like a hyperlink symbol) on the right.

16. In the resulting dialog box, select “Course File” from “Category” drop-down box.

17. Click on the “Browse” button beside “Item” and select the “–imp.html” file.

18. Click on the “Insert” button.

19. Click on “Save” button.

20. Click the newly added item to test.

Your impaticized content is now ready to be viewed.

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