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KB-000395: I don't have any sound editing software but I would like to record a single wav file for use with OnCue. How can I do this?

There are many freeware or shareware versions of sound editing software available on the internet (e.g. but if that is not possible or of interest to you, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint's Record Narration functionality to produce a single WAV sound file.


  1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Select to start a new presentation with only one slide
  3. Click on the "Slide Show" menu and select "Record Narration"

  4. This will launch the Record Narration dialog box:

  5. Within the Record Narration dialog box, select the checkbox to the left of "Link narrations in:"
  6. Click on the "Browse" button and select a location where you want to save the single WAV file that you will produce.
  7. Click on the "Set Microphone Level..." button and follow the directions in the Microphone Check dialog box:

  8. Following the microphone test click on the "OK" button
  9. Then, back in the Record Narration dialog box, click on the "Change Quality..." button. This will launch the Sound Selection dialog box:

  10. From the "Format" drop-down menu, select PCM
  11. From the "Attributes" drop-down menu, select 8,000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono   15 kb/sec
  12. You can choose to click on the "Save As..." button and save these settings for future use. In the screen capture above, the settings were given the name "Impatica Quality"
  13. Click the "OK" button to return to the Record Narration dialog box
  14. With all of the settings set, simply click on the "OK" button in the Record Narration dialog box and start to read your script.

Remember to leave a spaces in your narration file where the slides will change in the finished OnCue presentation.

Once you are done recording, look in the location that you chose to save the file in for the WAV file. You do not need to keep the PowerPoint file that you used to create the file. Simply take the new WAV file and place it with your other OnCue assets for the presentation you are creating.

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