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KB-000390: When I try to register my Impatica software I keep getting a message that my registration information is invalid. How do I fix this?

When entering the registration information into any Impatica software, all three fields are equally important; name, organization and code (key). The software uses an algorithm that takes the name and organization entries to determine what the code should be. If any portion of that is changed then the code will return as invalid.

Given that, when entering your information ensure that the name, organization and code fields are entered exactly as they appear in the email or web page that you are copying them from. Also, ensure that you do not include any advancing or trailing spaces if you are copying and pasting the values.

In addition, if you attempt to register an already successfully registered copy of Impatica for PowerPoint, you will also receive this message. To verify if you have a successfully registered copy, look beside the "Registration Code" button. You will see your name and organization listed there along with either "Registered to:" or "Evaluation by:":

If your registration information continues to not work after you have verified the above, then please contact


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