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KB-000386: How do I upload my impaticized presentation to the Angel Learning Management System?

Angel Upload Instructions for Impatica for PowerPoint

This tutorial will outline the process for adding Impatica for PowerPoint content to your Angel course.

1.            Set your desired conversion settings for the files you intend to upload to Angel. In addition to your regular settings, select the “Zip package"  checkbox located in the “Generated Support Files” section on the “Extra Output Files” tab:

2.            From the “Slide Show” tab, note the save location of the output files. The default location is the same folder where the source PowerPoint (.ppt) was located; which is referred to as the “Source Folder” on the software interface.

3.            With all of your desired setting selected, click the “Impaticize” button.

4.            When the conversion is complete, the impaticized presentation, and a zip archive containing all of the required files, will be in the save location chosen in step 2 above.

The zip archive will contain the following files (which are also located individually in the save location):

a)                  Impatica file (*-imp.jar) (this is the converted PowerPoint presentation),

b)                  Corresponding .html file (this is the HTML file viewers will see, and is created by Impatica for PowerPoint to play the converted PowerPoint presentation),

c)                  Impatica video files (*.imv) (if any) (this is the converted video file and will only be present if your PowerPoint file contained video clips), and

d)                  The ImPlayer###.jar or ImPlayerWithVideo###.jar** file (this is the Impatica Player). (### is the version number of Impatica for PowerPoint)

**ImPlayerWithVideo.jar is required to play Impatica files that contain video clips.

5.            The zip file ( will be used to upload the content into Angel.

6.      Enter your Angel course site and navigate to course and lesson where you want to add the Impatica content.

7.            Click on the “Lessons” tab

8.            Click on the “Add Content” link in the top navigation area (just under the “Lessons” title).

9.            Click on the “File” link in the “Create an Item” section of the page.

10.  Under the “File to Upload” section, click on the “Browse” button and locate the zip archive on your local computer. The zip archive will be in the save location you set in step 2 above.

11.        Provide a title for the file in the “Title” text box.

12.        Leave the file type as “AutoDetect”.

13.        Click the “Upload File” button.

14.        When the upload is complete and successful, you will be asked for the “Default File” located in the zip package. Select the HTML file and then select the “Extract Files” button. The HTML file becomes the launch file for the lesson.

15.        You should now see the presentation playing back as a lesson.

Editing the Imported Presentation:

Once you have imported the presentation into Angel you cannot edit it directly. If you need to make changes to that presentation, make the changes to the copy on your local computer. Repeat the process for impaticization and upload as described in this document.

Should you need further assistance, you can contact your Angel LMS administrator or email

A PDF copy of these instructions is also attached below.

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