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KB-000362: I installed the Impatica Screen Projector and when I launch it I get an Application Permission dialog asking to select a trust level. What does this mean?

This applies to BB OS 4.2.2 and higher.

The Impatica Screen Projector application uses the screen capturing feature of the 4.2.2+ BlackBerry device software to project the BlackBerry screen. An application must have the Screen Capturing permission, (Recording permission in BlackBerry Device software 4.6+ see KB article: in application permissions, set to Allow in order to use this feature. If the permission is not set, when you launch the application, you will get this dialog:

Application Permissions

Select a trust level for the Impatica Screen Projector application.

Trust Level:
    Ask For Permission

When you select the Ask For Permission option it does not seem to take it.

The only option that seems to work is the OK button.

You still get the application permission warning in the application asking to set the Screen Capturing permission.

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