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KB-000354: Converting .avi files is incomplete. The result is stripped audio. How do I fix this?

In some cases, converting a .avi file has resulted in the impaticized output being stripped of the audio track.  This is most likely caused by an unsupported audio codec being used while simultaneously having a supported video codec.  The resolution is to convert the compressed .avi file into a uncompressed .avi using a conversion utility. The audio track should be PCM format WAV while the video track should be uncompressed AVI (selected codec set to "none").

A free tool that we found on named STOIK Video Converter has done a good job for us in the past for converting problematic videos into those that work:


Provide the software with your problem AVI as the "Input file".

Provide a new name for the re-sampled video in the "Output file" area.

In the "Output Format" area, select "Uncompressed AVI (preserve original content)"

Click on the "Output profiles" icon at the top of the interface.

In the Output profile dialog box, select "General AVI"; select "Uncompressed" from the "Video compressor" drop-down menu; select "PCM" from the "Audio compressor" drop-down box; select "8,000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono" from the "Audio format" drop-down box. Click "OK"

Click on the "Record" button to render the file in the new format.

When complete, add the new file to your PowerPoint presentation (Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Movie from file) and impaticize the file again.

The audio track should convert properly this time.

NOTE: This free tool is only one of many available on the Internet. This article should not be seen as an endorsement for this particular freeware. Use of any freeware is always at the user's risk and Impatica does not assume any liability for mentioning the software here. The software is mentioned only in order to aid you with video conversion issues.

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