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KB-000353: Impatica for PowerPoint version 4 won't launch or open

There is an issue with various versions of QuickTime that causes v4.0.2 of Impatica for PowerPoint not to launch. 

The first resolution to try is to upgrade to version 4.1.0 of Impatica for PowerPoint. At the time of writing this article, this version of the software is only available in a beta release. Please see this page for details on how to get this software:

If using v4.1.0 does not resolve the issue for you, the next option is to upgrade the version of QuickTime installed on your system to the latest available from  At the time of writing this article, the latest version is 7.5.

Alternatively, if you do not use QuickTime, you could uninstall it altogether. We rely on QuickTime only if it is installed. If it is not installed we use our own libraries, etc.

If none of the above resolves the issue for you, please send details of what was tried and your environment (Operating System and QuickTime version) to


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