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KB-000339: Impatica presentation shows HTML code when played a second time in BlackBoard in Safari on a Mac.

This issue has been reported by several clients viewing applets from within BlackBoard using a Mac. The issue is with all applets and not specific to Impatica. To illustrate this you can use the bubbles applet from Sun. This can be obtained from this Knowledge Base article:  
The bubbles applet contains a class file and an HTML file. Simply upload it to BlackBoard like any other content and choose the HTML file as the launch file. You should be able to replicate the behavior you saw with the Impatica Applet when you refresh the page.

We are advising clients who report this issue to log a bug with BlackBoard.
In the meantime, please instruct the Safari users on a Mac to do the following if they are presented with HTML code instead of the presentation:

1-      Navigate away from the current page
2-      Clear the browser cache (found under the Safari menu)
3-      Go back  to the presentation.

Hopefully this work around will suffice until BlackBoard resolves this issue.

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