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KB-000334: How do I get the proper slide titles to show up in OnCue when the original PowerPoint was created in version 2007?

When a presentation is written in PowerPoint 2007 and saved as a 2003 file, the titles are not marked properly as titles.  This means that the OnCue script file generated will read "Slide 1", "Slide 2", etc for the slide titles, instead of the proper slide title.

There are three workarounds for this.
  1. Open the PowerPoint file with 2003, and manually chose a layout that has a title placeholder.

  2. Edit the script file generated and replace "Slide 1", "Slide 2", etc with the proper slide titles. The slide titles appear as follows in an OnCue script file:

    s="Slide 1"


    ss="Slide 2"

  3. Save the file as both a 2003 .ppt file, and a 2007 .pptx file.   
    a) Create the script file using version 4 of Impatica for PowerPoint: Convert the .pptx file with "OnCue script file" and "Include paragraph cue points" checked under the "Extra Output Files" tab, in the "Exported Notes" frame. 

    b) Create the Presentation Impatica file in Impatica for PowerPoint version 3.3.3: Convert the file, making sure that "OnCue script file" and "Include paragraph cue points" are not checked under the "Extra Output Files" tab, in the "Exported Notes" frame.

    c) Then in OnCue create your presentation normally, using the Impaticized presentation made in version 3.3.3 (.imp or -imp.jar file), and the script file made in version 4 (.txt). Using this method you do not have to manually edit the PowerPoint file or the script file.

    This issue has been reported to our Development team and will not be an issue once version 4 of OnCue is released. A time frame for this release is not known at this time.

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