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KB-000324: While creating a video only presentation from an existing PowerPoint file which I impaticized using Impatica for PowerPoint I encountered this error message: "Sound in video not PCM". What does this mean and how do I fix it?

This error is produced when the codec used for the audio portion of your video is not supported.

The recommended video format for both Impatica for PowerPoint and OnCue is an AVI with the following properties:

Video Portion:

12 frames per second (FPS)
24-bit color depth
Uncompressed (no compression codec)
Frame size to match your OnCue template OR the smallest frame size as is possible for the content of the video to be visible. Recommend that you do not exceed 320x240 for online delivery.

Audio Portion:

8000 Hz
PCM format (this means no compression applied to the audio)

These settings will result in a large video asset but, because it is uncompressed, you will be providing the Impatica software with the most data from which to do our compression. This will result in the best possible output.

The error is being produced because the audio portion of the video must be something other than PCM format. You need to export your video again with the above criteria or refer to the OnCue or Impatica for PowerPoint (depending on the product you are using to impaticize the video) User's Manual for other supported video formats.

For a video only OnCue project, the video cannot be part of a PowerPoint file. It must be added to the OnCue project as the "Video/Audio" asset for the project.

Given that OnCue does not currently provide any playback controls with video only projects, it is recommended that you place the video within a single slide PowerPoint file and impaticize it with Impatica for PowerPoint (including playback controls). This will provide your audience with some control over playback of the video. Use OnCue when you are producing full presentations that include the OnCue template.

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