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KB-000307: When I project using the ShowMate some of the slide is cut off. How can I make it show the entire slide?

The ShowMate produces an SVGA output (800x600). In almost all cases the slide will properly display in the space provided.

If this is not happening to you there are a few things you can try:

1- If your handheld is a BlackBerry, ensure you have the latest Impatica Presentation Viewer installed and then do the following:

   A- Pair with the ShowMate using the Bluetooth area of your BlackBerry.
   B- Plug in your ShowMate and connect it to a display. Wait for the splash screen to appear.
   C- Launch the Impatica Presentation Viewer application and click the trackwheel/trackball to display the menu.
   D- Select "Configure ShowMate" from the menu.
   E- Select your ShowMate from the list.
   F- Once connected to the ShowMate, select the "Calibrate" button.
   G- Adjust the calibration setting as required and save the changes.
   H- Test the result.

2- Another option is to reset the display device to the original factory settings. Sometimes they have been adjusted by other users.

3- Try to use the settings on the display device to adjust the layout of the image.

If none of the above fixes the issue for you, please contact Impatica Customer Support -
Please provide as much detail regarding:
1- The Projector (or display);
2- The version of the Impatica Presentation Viewer installed;
3- The type of handheld and OS of that handheld;
4- The ShowMate firmware version (seen on the splash screen when the ShowMate is plugged in and connected to a display e.g. v2.2.1);
5- The ShowMate serial number.

Any additional information regarding the situation.

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