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KB-000301: Is the Impatica ShowMate compatible with the Palm Tungsten E2?

On October 23, 2007 we released Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition that produces content compatible with smartphone models 680p, 700p and 755p featuring the Palm OS. The Impatica Viewer for Palm OS does not officially support handhelds such as the Tungsten, as we do not have those units for testing purposes.  It does appear that the Tungsten has many of the critical features required for running our software so please download and try the viewer if you would like: Should you discover that this device works with the Impatica Viewer please inform us of the results.

Specs for the Palm Tungsten E2:

Operating System
Palm OS® Garnet (v5.4)

Intel 200MHz Xscale

320x320 Transflective TFT color display with better color saturation, supports more than 65,000 colors

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

32MB (26MB actual storage capacity)

Expansion Slot
Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard expansion cards (sold separately)

5-Way Navigator Button
Access information with just one hand

Built-In Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Communicate wirelessly and share files, photos and more with nearby devices enabled with Bluetooth® wireless technology

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