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KB-000300: I have an arrow at the bottom of my slide to point to the playback controls, but the arrow appears in the wrong place during playback. What is happening?

The issue is that your slide background is white. Given that, you are not able to see clearly where the slide ends and the applet container begins. The navigation buttons size themselves to the size of the entire applet window not to just the width of the slide itself. Given that, depending on the resolution of the browser that the person viewing the presentation is set to, the arrow you have on the slide will be pointing to something different for everyone viewing the show.


To illustrate this, I have pasted two pictures below. The first is taken with my browser set wide. The second is with my browser set more narrow. Notice how the orange arrow is pointing in a different place in each picture.



Given all of that, I propose an alternative first slide for showing the functionality of the playback buttons to your audience. The suggestion is to place a screen capture of the playback ribbon on the first slide with textboxes indicating the function of each element. The arrow should then be placed in the center of the slide. A sample picture of how it looks during playback is below:




Notice that regardless of the size of the browser that the arrow is always centered on the navigation buttons.



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