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KB-000030: When I download the to my desktop there is an ImpaticaViewerOnly.alx and an ImpaticaViewerAndHandler.alx. Which one do I install?

The ImpaticaViewerOnly.alx should be installed on your handheld for viewing impaticized presentations that were converted with the Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition software.

If you are using the Impatica for BES product for converting presentations you should use the ImpaticaViewerAndHandler.alx provided by your BES Administrator. Ensure that you receive the installation files for the ImpaticaViewerAndHandler from your BES administrator after he/she has configured the Impatica for BES application. Installing the local version of the ImpaticaViewerAndHandler will not work properly with the Impatica for BES product (as it does not contain the required information for your local BES environment), and does not present any benefit to non Impatica for BES users.

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