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KB-000298: I have heard that there is an add-in to PowerPoint that will generate an OnCue marker file. How do I get this add-in?

The add-in was developed as beta software and has not been thoroughly tested and was never released as an Impatica product. We provide it to clients as a convenience for them. We do not offer support for issues related to this add-in.

The add-in will produce an OnCue marker file that indicates when the slides and animations should occur. Typically, it should be used to record the slide and animation events for a PowerPoint presentation that is being presented to a live audience. The speaker would be simultaneously recorded while presenting the PowerPoint to an audience so that a matching video or audio asset will be available for the OnCue project.

Once the presentation is complete, the author would then have available the source PowerPoint file (for impaticiziation), the marker text file (indicating the slide and animation timings), the video or audio asset and the Impatica template file (provided by Impatica (*.imp)).

From this point the OnCue project author would need to have the audio or video transcribed and placed into the corresponding notes section of each PowerPoint slide. The PowerPoint would then be impaticized with Impatica for PowerPoint Full Edition selecting to produce an OnCue script file with Paragraph cue points (from the "Extra Output Files" tab). The Impatica for PowerPoint impaticization process would then produce two more OnCue project assets: The impaticized PowerPoint (*.imp or *-im.jar) and the OnCue script file.

The OnCue author would then open the project in OnCue and edit it (using the OnCue "Edit" window) so that the paragraphs could be synchronized to the audio or video file.

To access the add-in and User's Manual please visit:

The add-in and PDF manual have also been attached to this document.

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