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KB-000288: How do I change the recording quality of the internal microphone in Mac OS X?

When recording narration in PowerPoint on Mac OS X, you will notice that there is no way to change the quality of the narration, as there is in the Windows version of PowerPoint.

The settings for changing the recording quality of the Mac's internal microphone can be found under Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup

Through the Audio MIDI Setup, one can see that the default sound quality for the internal microphone is 44100Hz, which is typically referred to as "CD Quality".  There doesn't appear to be a way to decrease that number to the 8000Hz or 11025Hz that Impatica recommends using for narration.

The only setting that may decrease the size of your sound files recorded with the internal microphone is the 2ch-16bit option under "Format".  The default is 2ch-24bit.  See screen capture attached for details.

Most third party microphones and headsets will come with software that will allow you to tweak the recording settings. Using such an external microphone may be an easy way to control the audio quality.  

Other than that, the best recommendation we can offer, if you are concerned with large PowerPoint presentation sizes due to high-quality narration sound files, is to record your narration in an external application and export the sound files at a lower quality. Then, you can insert the lower-quality sound files into the PowerPoint presentation.

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