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KB-000283: How do I print an Impaticized PowerPoint presentation?

To print an Impaticized PowerPoint presentation, you must first download the file ending in -imp.jar.  Then open the file using Sun's Java, not the Microsoft version.  From the menus in the Impatica Viewer, select  "File", and then "Print", and you will have the "Page Setup" screen.  Click "OK", and you will be taken to the screen where you can select your printer.  Click "OK" and you will be taken to the "Print" screen, where you can chose your printer.  Click "OK" again and your entire presentation will print.

Currrently, only a single slide per page is possible.

An alternative solution to offer your users is to export the PowerPoint file to a PDF document. This would allow you to select multiple slides per page etc. Once the PDF is created, you can either incorporate a hyperlink to the document from within your PowerPoint slides or you can simply offer it as another link from the page where you are providing the link to the impaticized presenation.

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