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KB-000273: Can I make the size of my impaticized presentation a static value instead of always expanding to fit my browser?

With Impatica for PowerPoint Version 4, the HTML that gets generated has changed from Version 3 in that the size of the applet produced is now controlled by a percentage instead of an absolute height and width.


For example, with Version 3 a  6” x 4.5” slide size would have resulted in a java applet that was 432 x 324 pixels.  The HTML created by Impatica for PowerPoint would have specified WIDTH = "432" HEIGHT = "324". If the playback controls are included then the height value would require an additional 24 pixels to be added to the value: WIDTH = "432" HEIGHT = "348".


With Impatica for PowerPoint Version 4, regardless of the size you specify in PowerPoint, the generated HTML will always say WIDTH = "100%" HEIGHT = "100%".


To adjust the height and width to static values, open the HTML file in Notepad and change the width and height values to an absolute number instead of a percentage and the presentation should scale accordingly.

Impatica works with 72 pixels per inch. Given that if you want your applet to match the size of your PowerPoint slide, simply change the values to match your "Page Set-up" width and height settings from PowerPoint -

e.g. using a standard PowerPoint slide dimension:

Width = 10" 
Multiply this by 72 pixels per inch  = 720 

Height =  7.5"
Multiply this by 72 pixels per inch = 540 (Add 24 pixels if including the playback controls: 564)

Adjust the width and height settings in the Impatica HTML file as described above to be 720 and 540 (Add 24 pixels if including the playback controls: 564) respectively.

Please also see the sizing chart (PDF format) attached to this article.

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