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KB-000262: What alternatives are there to the built-in “BlackBerry Transfer” functionality of Impatica for PowerPoint for transferring files to the BlackBerry?

The “BlackBerry Transfer” functionality is offered as a convenient way to transfer presentations directly from within Impatica’s desktop software. If for any reason you are unable to use this option, then please consider the following alternatives for loading impaticized content onto your BlackBerry handheld:

 1. Loading as a .alx package via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on a PC:

                   i.   Once the presentation has been impaticized using Impatica for PowerPoint, load the presentation onto your BlackBerry by using the “Application Loader” functionality of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

                  ii.   Once the “Application Loader” is launched, use the “Add” button to locate the impaticized presentation “PresentationName.alx”. By default, this file will be located in the same location as the source PowerPoint presentation.

                  iii.   Proceed with the installation as normal. The presentation will be listed as an application but will be installed into the Impatica Presentation Viewer application.

   2.     Loading over the air pushed from a BES using a software policy:

·         This would typically be done by the BES Administration team.

3.     Loading over the air from a web site (web server upload is another convenient feature of Impatica's software):

                    i. When impaticizing your PowerPoint presentation, ensure that you select the “Generate BlackBerry web files” checkbox on the Impatica for PowerPoint interface.

                    ii.  Impaticize the PowerPoint files normal.

                    iii. Once the conversion is complete, select the “Web Server Upload” tab (selected by default).

                    iv.Click on the “Connect” button and enter the connection information for your Web Server.

                     v.Once connected to the server, click the “Put File” button to upload the required files.

                     vi. Once the upload is complete, click on the “E-mail” tab and click the “Copy” button to copy the contents of the tab to your clipboard.

                    vii. Paste the clipboard contents into an email and send it to your BlackBerry.

                    viii. Follow the directions in the e-mail to load the presentation on your BlackBerry.

4. Loading over the air using the Impatica for BES software server solution:

·         Another solution available to BES users. This option removes the need to impaticize content using the desktop software. Instead, PowerPoint files are emailed to the BlackBerry as email attachments and are then seamlessly impaticized on the server and loaded into the Impatica Presentation Viewer over-the-air. For more information on this solution, please visit:


Please e-mail if you require further assistance.


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