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KB-000260: Bubbles applet

The attachment below ( is a sample applet from Sun. Use this file to determine if a problem viewing Java applets is with Impatica applets or applets in general.

Steps for Web server playback:
1- Unzip the attached file
2- Place the resulting files in the same folder on your web server
3- Link to the .html file from a Java-enabled browser

Steps for Learning Management System (LMS) playback:
1- Upload the attached file to the LMS
2- Unzip the zip package in the LMS to a single directory (in LMS environments with exposed folder structures) or select the HTML file as the package entry point (older BlackBoard LMS set-ups)
3- Create a link to the HTML file from a course area or simply select to view the Bubbles.html file. File Contents Explained:
The zip package contains two files:

The HTML file calls on the .class file and displays the content. The .class file is the applet.

Additional information on troubleshooting applet playback problems can be found here:

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