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KB-000026: Do you support the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and 8800?

In order to use BlackBerry devices with 4.2.0+ operating systems, please ensure you have the latest versions of the Impatica software and firmware. Please download and install the new releases of the following software:
  • Impatica for PowerPoint BlackBerry Edition (v4.0.2) - Download Now
    1. Uninstall your current version of Impatica for PowerPoint using "Add or Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel;
    2. Download the installer file (setupppt.exe) and install the software. Your registration information and preferences will be retained.

  • Impatica ShowMate firmware (v2.4.0) - Download Now
    1. See SECTION 5: USING SHOWMATE UPDATER in the User’s Manual (available for download from:

  • Impatica Presentation Viewer (v2.0.8) - Download Now
    1. The best way to install the viewer is to go directly to on your BlackBerry. Follow the on-screen instructions;
    2. The second method is to go to the above link on a PC and download the zip archive. Unzip the archive and then do the following:
      1. From your PC launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (ensure you are using version 4.2 SP1+);
      2. Connect your BlackBerry handheld to your Windows PC via USB;
      3. Within the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double click on the Application Loader icon to run the Application Loader Wizard;
      4. Follow the prompts to the Device Application Selection page;
      5. Click Add and browse to "ImpaticaViewerOnly.alx" file in the location to which you extracted the zip package contents;
      6. Click Open. Then click Next to complete the installation.

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