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KB-000258: I get an HTTP Error 406 when attempting to install the Impatica Presentation Viewer over the air. How can I resolve this?

When attempting to install the Impatica Presentation Viewer over-the-air from the following error is produced:

HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable

The page you are trying to load is not supported by the browser. Please try loading a different page.

The error can be due to a “glitch” in the device that is resolved by removing the battery:
  1.  If you get "HTTP Error 406: No Acceptable..." error message, click OK
  2. Press and hold the power button on the BlackBerry till the message "Turning Handheld Off" appears
  3. After the BlackBerry turns off, remove the battery
  4. Wait about 5 seconds and re-install the battery
  5. Try again

Other potential solutions are:
  1. Verify that your IT polices are set to allow Third Party Applications 
    See KB Article: KB-000013
  2. Ensure you are using the BlackBerry or WAP Browser and not the Google Search Browser.

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